Harrison Band Craft Show

| Saturday | November 19th, 2022 | 9 am to 2 pm |


Our Craft Show is full!

Thank-you for your interest. Our craft show is currently full, but if you would like to be put on a waiting list in case a booth opens up, please email bandcraftshow@yahoo.com

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  1. Applications and/or checks that are not filled out completely will NOT be accepted. Vendor will be notified and must reapply.

  2. We reserve the right to reject any unsuitable or manufactured items, vendors will be asked to remove them from your display and may be refused future shows. No manufactured items (including manufactured ornaments, books, purses, etc.), resale products, imports, food, or flea market items. HANDMADE CRAFTS ONLY!

  3. HHS student booths and approved fundraising booths are the only ones allowed to sell food.

  4. Vendors are responsible for bringing your own tables, table coverings, chairs, cash and change.

  5. Vendors are responsible for collecting their own cash and tax (charge tax as you deem appropriate for your business).

  6. Refunds will only be given if we are forced to cancel the show. A vendor may not sell, assign, or give their space to any other person.

  7. Booths should be attended during all show hours. Early departing exhibitors will be refused for future shows.

  8. Vendors should post booth numbers on the table, no tape or glue allowed on walls.

  9. Vendors must report to the north-side at the Cafeteria (door #27) to check in on arrival. After unloading vehicles must move vehicle(s) as directed by show staff to allow access for customers.

  10. Vendors are allowed to eat food and beverages in their booth, lunch can be ordered form the Harvest Café and delivered to the booth. No smoking at any time in the building.

  11. Vendors can sign up at the check-in desk to schedule a volunteer to relieve you for lunch or bathroom breaks.

  12. It is suggested that small children not accompany vendors unless they are actively assisting at the booth. Space is limited.

Harrison High School is not liable or responsible for any accident or injuries incurred at, or on, the premises of Harrison High School. We are not responsible for lost, missing, damaged or stolen items. Students voluntarily assist in unloading/loading and are not responsible for damage.

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Booth Locations

Booths are available in five zones, see below for close up maps:

  • Cafeteria (00's)

  • Entrance hallway (100's)

  • Commons (200's) - under construction, exact number of booths is unknown until August, but the side room will be gone!

  • North hallways (300's)

  • South hallways (400's)

Cafeteria (00's)

Entrance Hall (100's)

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Commons (200's)

Northwest Hallway (300's)

Southwest Hallway (400's)

(Click images to view larger)

Southeast Hallway (400's)

Craft show location:

William Henry Harrison High School

5701 N 50 W

West Lafayette, IN 47906

Have a question?

Please e-mail: bandcraftshow@yahoo.com